Manrose MF100T 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan with Timer

Manrose MF100T 4 Inch Inline Extractor Fan with Timer


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Manrose MF100T 4 Inch Mixed Flow Inline Duct Fan with Timer

Manrose MF100T

The Manrose MF100T is a powerful inline extractor fan which is ductable up to 12m. An inline fan is installed in the loft or ceiling void above the bathroom (or kitchen etc). Ducting is attached to each end of the fan with one  length going to an internal grille in the ceiling of the bathroom and the other going to a grille on the external wall, soffitt or roof. 

Inline fans are particularly great for bathrooms because you can site the extraction grille directly above the shower or bath, thus extracting the steam at source. With no electrics in the bathroom they are easy to install, saving both electrician and decorating costs and since they are housed in the loft or ceiling void the noise levels are also extremely low.

This particular model; the MF100T, features an over-run timer which keeps the fan running for a period of up to 20 minutes (set upon install), after power off, to ensure all moisture or stale air is extracted.

Please note, the use of a humidistat is not possible with this model. If you want your fan to be activated by humidity then please order the MF100S and MAN 1361 Remote Humidistat.