Vortice 17021 In-Line Duct Fan 255m3/hr

Vortice Inline Extractor Fan 17021 255m3/hr


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Vortice Inline Extractor Fan 17021 255m3/hr

Vortice 17021 Inline Extractor Fan 255m3/hr

Vortice 17021

Introducing the Vortice 17021 Inline Extractor Fan - the perfect solution for extracting air from your commercial or residential space. This high-quality extractor fan is designed to provide powerful and efficient ventilation, helping to improve indoor air quality and reduce moisture levels.

With its durable construction and robust motor, the Vortice 17021 is built to last. The fan features a high-performance centrifugal impeller that ensures maximum air flow with minimal noise, making it an ideal choice for use in offices, hotels, restaurants, and other busy environments.

Thanks to its compact design, the Vortice 17021 can be installed in tight spaces, making it ideal for retrofit applications. The fan is also easy to install and maintain, with a removable impeller and easy-access terminals for simple wiring.

Whether you need to improve air circulation in your office, restaurant, or other commercial space, the Vortice 17021 Inline Extractor Fan is the perfect choice. So why wait? Order yours today and start enjoying the benefits of powerful and efficient ventilation!

The Vortice Lineo range are inline mixed flow exractor fans. With 2 speed settings as standard. The Lineo extractors are versatile and can be mounted in a wide range of positions, horizontally, vertically, against walls, ceilings, false ceilings on any flat surface. It is easily maintainable.

The Vortice Lineo 17021 is a mixed flow inline duct fan, 100mm 4 “ diameter. The 17021 has an inbuilt timer. It is IP44.