Manrose SCF200T Inline Centrifugal Fan Kit With Timer

Manrose SCF200T Inline Centrifugal Extractor Fan Kit Timer


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Manrose SCF200T Inline Centrifugal Extractor Fan With Kit

Timer model incorporating integral adjustable electronic timer, the SCF is a powerful inline centrifugal fan kit which moves air along long lengths of ducting. 100mm, supplied with ducting and wall grilles.

Designed for use with long duct runs, the Manrose SCF200T extractor fan can be used in a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Powerful, yet quiet and unobtrusive, the SCF200T has an extract rate of 110m3/hr 31 litres per second and will extract through ducting up to 10m long.

- Supplied with Bracket
- Manufactured using High Impact ABS Thermoplastic for stength and durability
- Timer Model. The timer inside the fan may be operated from light switch. The fan continues to run for preset time after switching off - adjustable 1-20 minutes.
- Fitted with backward curved centrifugal impellers for a large airflow against the high pressures caused by longer lengths of ducting and resistance by grilles.
- Requires three wires: permanent phase, switched phase, neutral
SCF200T is powered by a single phase 45W, induction motor with pre-oiled bearings for a long, maintenance-free life.
- A spring operated non return flap built in to the discharge spigot to prevent Back Draughts