Envirovent SIL150S Silent Kitchen Extractor Fan

Envirovent SIL150S Silent Kitchen Extractor Fan


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Envirovent SIL150S Silent Kitchen Extractor Fan

Envirovent SIL150S Kitchen Extractor Fan

Envirovent SIL150S

Looking for a powerful and silent kitchen ventilation solution? Look no further than the Envirovent SIL150S Silent Kitchen Extractor Fan. This high-quality extractor fan is designed to provide powerful ventilation while operating silently, making it the perfect choice for any residential or commercial kitchen.

With its advanced features, our Envirovent SIL150S Silent Kitchen Extractor Fan is both versatile and easy to use. Its timer function allows you to set the fan to operate for the perfect amount of time, ensuring optimal ventilation and energy efficiency. Its sleek design and white finish add a touch of modern style to any kitchen decor.

Constructed from high-quality materials, our extractor fan is both durable and reliable, making it a great investment for your ventilation needs. Its compact size ensures easy installation and use, while its powerful airflow ensures maximum ventilation even in larger kitchens.

With its advanced technology and reliable performance, our Envirovent SIL150S Silent Kitchen Extractor Fan is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a top-quality ventilation solution. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the benefits of a truly top-quality product!

The Silent 150 is an innovative domestic axial extractor fan designed as a low noise extractor fan. The Silent 150 is designed for utilities and kitchens and comes fitted with a pilot light, backdraught shutter and airflow guide vanes as standard.

The Silent 150 is a 150mm domestic axial extractor fans for wall or ceiling installations, designed to solve ventilation problems in utility rooms and kitchens. Fitted with motors mounted on silent elastic blocks, the fans deliver incredibly quiet running and exceptional performance with stylish features such as a backdraught shutter.

The Silent 150 is the ideal low noise extractor fan for any home.