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Envirovent SIL100 Bathroom Extractor Fan


Envirovent Bathroom Extractor Fan

Bathroom Fan

The Envirovent Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan covers 95% of all bathroom ventilation installations. This extractor fan is the most powerful 4 inch IPX5 bathroom fan available within the UK. Not only is it extremely powerful when they are running they are completely silent! When we state it covers almost all bathroom installations we say this because the fan keeps its high extraction rate over a 5 metre ducting length, which most bathrooms won't have a ducting length longer than that.

Is your ducting longer than 5 metres? Then we highly recommend you look at an inline extractor fan.


Vortice Inline Extractor Fan


Vortice Inline Extractor Fan


Inline Extractor Fans

Inline extractor fans are made specifically to be installed in a loft or ceiling void. Because of this they are made to be much larger in size which means they are on average 3 times as powerful as a standard bathroom fan. This also will mean you don't have a fan installed in the bathroom, you will simply have a grille of your choice which can look much nicer. Inline fans are very versatile too, they can be installed horizontally and vertically. They can also be installed to improve ventilation in any room within the home.

Don't have space to install an Inline Duct Fan? Your next port of call is a centrifugal fan.