Vent Axia 479091 PureAir Home + Heater PIV

Vent Axia 479091 PureAir Home + Heater PIV

Vent Axia

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Vent Axia 479091 PureAir Home + Heater PIV

Vent Axia 479091 PureAir PIV Unit with Heater

Vent Axia 479091

 Key Benefits
  • Prevents condensation and mould
  • Prevention of asthma and allergy irritation
  • Only costs £5 per year to run for a 3 bed house
  • Whole house air purification and humidity control - up to 5 bedrooms
  • Discreet installation - out of sight, out of mind
  • Comes with 2 meters, 8 inch flexi-duct included
  • Easy to install & 5 years maintenance free

The Vent Axia PureAir Home PIV fan is designed to eliminate condensation and mould build up from your home. The consequences of this means it will reduce the risk of health issues in the home by improving indoor air quality and quickly eradicating conditions that lead to mould growth and associated health issues such as asthma and itchy skin. The unit reduces humidity in the air, curing condensation and creating a healthier indoor environment. 

This loft-mounted input vent axia fan draws fresh air from the outside atmosphere, filters it and pushes into the dwelling via a ceiling-mounted diffuser. All stale air in the property is forced out through the natural forms of ventilation or trickle vents.
The robust construction of the PureAir features a specially developed LoWatt DC fan motor which gives incredibly low running costs.

The Vent Axia 479091 Positive input ventilation with heater for whole house mould and condensation control. The heater is NOT designed to heat your home, it warms the fresh cold air it is trickling into the room.

Smart Sense control allows quick and accurate setup. Variable speed control allows the unit to be effective in a property up to 150m2. Automatic summer shut-off stops warm air from coming back into the property.

Vent Axia Pure Air FAQ

This positive input ventilation system is covered with a 5 year warranty!

If we calculate by using the average electricity cost (£0.34p per Kwh). The Vent Axia Pure Air PIV will cost roughly £10.39 a year to run.