Which fan is best for bathroom?

What is the best bathroom extractor fan?

In the UK, we are lucky to have numerous ventilation manufacturers that not only have top quality bathroom fans available but are always improving their technology to try and stay at the top.

Here at Extractor Fans Shop we have tested all the different bathroom fans available and have put together a guide to their strengths and how they would aide you in different scenarios.

Envirovent Silent 100 Axial Extract Fan

Envirovent produce high quality products which are always designed with the electrical contractor in mind. Their Silent 100 axial range is no different, this bathroom fan appeases all. It is amongst the most powerful bathroom fans on the market and with all that power it does not compromise on noise. This bathroom fan is silent, you won't know its running. Envirovent have been able to produce this by fitting the motor of the fan on silent elastic blocks.

They are available in with five different functions:

  • Standard (SIL100S) - Turns on and off from the light switch or fan isolator switch.
  • Timer (SIL100T) - The fan carries on running between 2-25 minutes after you turn off the light switch or fan isolator switch.
  • Humidistat & Timer (SIL100HT) - This version has the timer function but also works as a humidistat. When the relative humidity in the room rises above 60% (when you are having a shower). The fan will turn on and extract until humidity levels have dropped again.
  • PIR (SIL100PIR) - This option has an occupacy sensor fitted, so when it detects movement that fan will switch on.

These fans also come with an integral backdraught shutter, but be careful this can be mistaken as packaging as it looks like a thin piece of plastic on the back of the spigot of the fan. Although it looks 'flimsy', these shutters are actually known as a membrane and are designed to open when the extractor fan is running but when it turns off it closes and seals the back of the fan so no air can enter from the outside.

Add on to all of this that Envirovent offer you a 5 year warranty with this range of bathroom fan, shows the trust they have that their technology is not only effective but also has a great build quality that will last for many years!

Envirovent Bathroom Extractor Fan

National ventilation have come up with a fan that is currently the most powerful bathroom extractor fan on the market, at 97m3/hr this fan extraction is high but again with intelligent manufacturing it also is silent when running.  They have also kept in mind the installer, this fan has plenty of space for wiring and comes with a spirit level which is always useful!

Similar to the above it has different functions you can choose from:

All of this range of bathroom fan come with an intergal membrane backdraught shutter which will stop any air coming back into your bathroom. They are also all IPX5 rated which means they are protected from jets of water from all angles, meaning you can install them in any bathroom zone without they need of a step down transformer.

The monsoon silent bathroom fan also comes with a 5 year warranty, any issues within those 5 years and national ventilation will replace your faulty bathroom fan.

National Ventilation Bathroom Extractor Fan

Vent Axia Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan

Vent Axia's silent bathroom fan range combines style and quality. This fan has a closed grille so is aesthtically pleasing but also provides a good extraction rate and like all great bathroom fans it is silent when running too.

They can be installed in any bathroom zone and can be wall, ceiling and window mounted so they are very versatile. There is now also an open grille version which has a slightly higher extraction rate for bathrooms where condensation or mould is a big issue.

They have a variety of different functions and come with a 5 year warranty so you are covered if anything goes wrong, but this is highly unlikely.

See the full range here! 
Vent Axia Bathroom Extractor Fan

Vortice Bathroom Fan

Vortice bathrooms extractor fans are great quality and affordable too. Their fans are powerful, quiet and IP rated. So can be installed in any bathroom zone as they are protected from jets of water from all angles.

Key Features:

  • High airflow rate, low operating noise level and low power consumption due to the wing profile blade and motor support
  • Suitable for wall installation
  • Attractive design
  • Ultra slim grille of 17mm
  • Timer models are adjustable from 3 to 20 minutes
  • Humidistat models have an adjustable humidistat that turns the fan on when relative humidity exceeds the selected setting
Vortice Bathroom Extractor Fan
Manrose Bathroom Fans

Manrose are one of the leading manufacturers in the ventilation industry. They have a large selection of bathroom fans and after testing them all we like to recommend looking at their conceal range. These fans have an attractive design with good airflow rates and run very quietly.

These fans are affordable but don't compromise on quality. You get a 3 year warranty from the date of your delivery.

Manrse Bathroom Extractor Fan

Airflow Bathroom Fans

The Airflow QT100 range has stayed at the top of the bathroom fan market for a long period of time. They have continuously adapted and updated the technology to keep this range of bathroom fans at the top end of the market. They have a high extraction rate and a good feature is if you have a small space to install, you can take off the backdraught shutter to make the spigot half the size. You can then install the backdraught shutter within the ducting.

Key Features:

  • Two speed ventilation up to 90 m3/hr
  • Awarded Quiet Mark 2014 by Noise Abatement Society
  • Extremely quiet, noise levels as low as 25 dB(A)
  • Power consumption from only 5W
  • Long life ball-bearing motor 40,000 hours
  • Integral flow straightener / backdraught flap
  • Powerful extraction for longer ducts
  • Suitable for installation anywhere in Zone 1 of bathrooms when installed with an RCD
  • IP45 rating - Protected from jets of water from all angles!
Airflow Bathroom Extractor Fan

Domus Bathroom Fan

Domus, Silavent or Polypipe, however you know them they make great extractor fans!

Their SDF100 Bathroom fan range are a great piece of kit. Coming in multiple functions, with good extraction levels and low noise lvels to match.

Key Features

  • Provides effective ventilation
  • Extract rates comply with current Building Regulation requirements
  • Quiet in operation
Domus Bathroom Extractor Fan
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We work with all the manufacturers above to deliver and improve air quality across the United Kingdom. If you are still unsure or want to know more please see our article to help choosing a bathroom fan.
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