Envirovent Silent 100 Overview

Envirovent SIL100 Bathroom Extractor Fan

Envirovent SIL100 Bathroom Extractor Fan

Envirovent are a UK based ventilation company who are manufacturing industry leading products which are improving the ventilation of buildings across the United Kingdom.

In May 2012, they released their staple bathroom extractor fan - The Envirovent SIL100 range. This bathroom extractor fan quickly became an extremely popular choice for end users and professional installers. 

Envirovent SIL100 Bathroom Extractor Fan

If you are looking at the fan at face value it looks like an ordinary bathroom fan but the technology beneath the front cover is what really sets this product apart from the majority of other fans you may come across on your ventilation journey.

The Envirovent SIL100 has a four inch spigot diameter, which is the standard hole size for bathroom fan installations. In a small number of cases you may find the hole in your bathroom wall is five/six inches. If you find yourself in this position never fear.. Envirovent of course has planned for that. They have 5 and 6 inch versions of this fan which will do the job!

The build quality of the Envirovent SIL100 bathroom fan is unrivaled, they are so confident in its ability that they offer you a 5 year warranty. The average warranty for bathroom extractor fans is 3 years, so if you opt for the SIL100 you get an extra 24 months!

Envirovent has also incorporated an integral backdraught shutter on every version of this model. Some people mistake the backdraught shutter for a piece of packaging but we are here to bust that myth! The backdraught shutter is a clear 'membrane' which closes when the extractor fan is off to prevent air from coming back through the ducting and into the bathroom. It is not a piece of plastic packaging!

Envirovent SIL100 Bathroom Extractor Fan Front Cover

Envirovent SIL100 Functions

The Envirovent SIL100 bathroom extractor fan range comes in 5 different variations. Each option has a different purpose and all are useful in differing scernarios.

Envirovent SIL100S (Standard Model) - The standard model of the Silent 100 range does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a standard bathroom fan that will turn on and straight off with a light or fan isolator switch.

Envirovent SIL100T (Timer Model) - This version has an adjustable timer, meaning when you turn the light switch off the fan will overrun between 1-30 minutes. This overrun timer can be adjusted by taking the front cover off and rotating the relevant screw. See instructions for more details on this.

Envirovent SIL100HT (Humidistat Model) - The humidistat function is one of the most popular. In this version of the SIL100, you can set the humidistat between 60% and 90% relative humidity. This means whenever humidity rises in the room above the level the extractor fan is set at, the fan will turn on and continue to extract until the humidity level is back to normal.

Envirovent SIL100PIR (PIR Model) - The PIR version, is better known as the occupancy sensor. The fan will automatically turn on when it detects movement within 4 metres.

Envirovent SIL100IT Intelligent Timer - This is the newest addition to the SIL100 family, the intelligent timer. This function means the fan will calculate the amount of time the fan will need to overrun, depending on how long the fan has already been running for.

All of these fans have a white finish, but if you are looking for a different colour they are also made with a silver front cover. Please get in touch with us and we will get a price and availability for you.

Envirovent Silent Design

The Envirovent Silent Design is effectively the same fan as the SIL100. The clue is actually in the name - It Is the Envirovent Silent fan we have been already discussing. The only difference is the 'designed' front cover. 

This version of the fan has become increasingly popular as it fits in with the more modern decor. You may notice a small difference - this version of the fan has a slightly less powerful extraction rate, this is due to the front cover being in the way of the impeller. But this is not to worry, extracting 80m3/hr is more than enough for 90% of domestic bathrooms.

The Envirovent Silent Design range also comes in most of the same functions as the SIL100 range: Standard, Timer, Humidistat.

Enviorvent Silent Design Bathroom Extractor Fan

Envirovent SIL100 FAQ's

What is the extract rate of EnviroVent silent 100?

The extraction rate is 96m3/hr / 26 l/s. This is an extremely powerful extract rate for a domestic bathroom extractor fan.

Should I remove the tape on the inside of the Silent HT fan?

No, this is Hydroscopic tape, it is to protect the sensor from moisture, but will allow vapour through. Removing this may damage the sensor and invalidate the warranty.

How do you clean an EnviroVent extractor fan?

To clean the Envirovent SIL100 extractor fan, you should ALWAYS start by turning off the power to avoid getting an electric shock. Once the power is off, you can remove the cover and remove any dust inside that could be blocking the vents. These are the areas that will normally clog up with dust and prevent the fan from working efficiently.

How big is the duct on the Envirovent silent 100?

The ducting diameter needed for the Envirovent Silent fan is 4 inch / 100mm.

Why is my Silent Extractor fan running continuously?

This will most probably be due to incorrect or faulty wiring. Please get a fully qualified electrician to investigate this.

How do I get the front cover off my Envirovent Silent fan?

Always turn off the power to the circuit. The cover can then be removed by pushing the small reseeded retaining point on one of the edges of the extractor fan, then slowly unclipping the rest of the cover with a small flat screwdriver. 

What wiring does the Envirovent Silent T and HT require?

The Envirovent Bathroom extractor fan requires a permanent live and neutral and a switch live (to trigger the fan).

Envirovent Silent 100 Bathroom Extractor Fan

Here at Extractor Fans Shop we are proud partners of Envirovent and fully recommend their bathroom extractor fan range. In all our many years of experience in the ventilation industry, we have not come across a bathroom extractor fan as complete as the Envirovent SIL100.

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Envirovent SIL100 Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan