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If you find yourself on this page then brace yourself, you are about to absorb some FANtastic knowledge. Our experts have answered all of the questions that you need answering before you purchase a new bathroom extractor fan.

The short answer is yes. You will defintely need an electrician to install a bathroom extractor fan. We often here its a simple swap over what could go wrong? A lot. You need to be fully qualified so you can certify the complete installation from the fan all the way back to the consumer unit.

We hear this question daily and again the answer is a simple yes. Every bathroom fan installed needs to be ducted directly to the outside. This is because the fan is extracting moisture and steam, and you are not solving the problem if its ducted into the loft you are just moving the problem to another room. When installed ducting needs to be stretched out to the maximum and make sure there is no small holes also.

Instead of having a bathroom extractor fan installed in the wall or ceiling of the bathroom another solution is having an inline duct faninstalled. These fans are installed in the loft or celing void and are up to three times more powerful than you axial bathroom fan. Because they are installed outside the room means they are very quiet and you can choose a intenral grille for the inside of the bathroom which will protrude less than a normal bathroom extractor fan.

Normally you will be replacing a fan that is already installed, so you will have a hole in the wall already. The bathroom fan we recommend is the Monsoon S100 Hi-Power silent range, these are IPX5 rated so can be installed in any bathroom zone. Some fans are not rated that highly so may only be installed in zone 3.


Where should bathroom extractor fans be installed?


This answer is very similar to the above question. Yes, you can install a bathroom fan into the shower but it must be IPX5 rated. This means the fans motor is protected from jets of water from all angles.

Having an extractor fan installed in your bathroom should be essential. If you don't you will experience damp and mould which we know is not healthy for our cardiovasicular system. Another thing which maybe is not as important but your mirrors will be steamed up, how do you check yourself out every day without a bathroom extractor fan!

This is dependent on the scenario, if you have space in your loft then we would highly recommend an inline duct fan.  These fans are extremely powerful and very quiet, being almost three times the power of the normal bathroom extractor fan. 

Our team put our heads together to test and evaluate bathroom fans from all of the leading manufacturers in the UK. Take a look at our recomendations!

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